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Interview Davey Metal To Infinity

Interview by Stefan from Metal To Infinity
*Hail Davey,to start the interview,tell me who you are,where you come from and what kinda Metal band BYFIST really are?
I am Davey Lee,Guitarist for the bands REVEREND and BYFIST!I was born and raised in the USA in a city by the name of San Antonio in the state of Texas.Byfist from day one one always played  some
eighties NWOBHM and will always play this style.We piss on the corporate Metal that is currently being shoved down the thoat of true metal headbangers all over the world.

*First of all i wanna say thanx alot to SABA RECORDS 2000 for sending me the Byfist package !
The EP Ccntains four tracks and these are amazing to me.Is this  an official release or some kinda promo EP?

The EP called ADRENALIN was more of a promo to introduce the world to byfist and the style what we play.SABA was really good about sending the CD out FREE whoever wanted it all they had to do was ask.
METALAGE RECORDS in the USA will be releasing our new  album next month called PRESERVING THE PAST as by the title you can realize what this album will be all about.

*Can you tell me something about the lyrics?
The lyrics are based on real life experiences and in some cases topics of good verses evil,myths or whatever we feel like writing about.

*David Wayne(Metal Church)did the production and he did it very well i suppose.
Is he still involved with BYFIST at the moment and why taking him as producer?
Davis will always be involved with Byfist.before i was in REVEREND wa toured with david and he always had had praise for the Byfist guys.One day we are doing a festival in the states and David flew down to see us.He even sang GODS OF WRATH at the festival and from here he knew he wanted to produce the BYFIST album.We went to Calmifornia and the rest was history,we literally made MAGIC with the sound and recording.

*What about the other Byfist members?I remember you're in Reverend,right..what about them now?

REVEREND is doing great!Nacho and i have written the new album which is in the same vein of Byfist!
Listeners will be very happy in the direction that Reverend is heading..PURE 80's STYLE METAL!!
Asfar as Byfist,we rehearse and continue to write songs that cannot be identified in any other genre beside 80's traditional metal(POWER METAL)

*I look forward to the full length Byfist album.When can we expect the release and what about the record compagny?
The release is scheduled for april 2003,the labe METALAGE RECORDS main objective is to keep 80's metal alive!Deron Blevins President of the label has his hand in  everything.
As a matter of fact,he is heavily involved with the Prog Power events that happen all over the world!

*You guys are involves with BLACK ROSE FOUNDATION from Holland.
Maybe a few words about them please?

The Blackrose Foundation main purpose is to keep Metal alive!Reverend did a small European tour last year set up by the foundation.The Blackrose Foundation were so impressed with Nacho,Jay and i that they signed us to a European management contract.As you know myself(Davey),?Nacho and Jay are all in BYFIST.We love them and they love us.These people are professionals all the way and LOVE their METAL!

*How many tracks on the forthcoming album?Still eighties sounded Heavy Metal?
There are 10 tracks on the forthcoming album and everyone sounds 80's;mainly because we wrote these songs back then.I am sure you will be very pleased.The song titles are as follows:
Should Have Known,Midnight Mass,Judgement Day,Eyes Of Geneva,Hour Glass Of Time,Mary Celeste,Meltdown,Eterenal Damnation and Left To Die.

*Is it true,BYFIST is gonna play in Europe next year?Where and hopefully in Belgium too?
We will be playing in Europe this year 2003!The Blackrose Foundation is currentle setting the tour up.we have had interest in Holland,Germany,Belgium to name a few.
If all goes well we should be there sometime in late summer.All depend on the current world conflict.

*Do you or the other members have a daily job besides playing in a metal band?
Yeah,we do!At this stage we are unable to concentrate totally on music,but we are hoping that one day
we can.

*Is there a special reason why you choose BYFIST as bandname?What's the meaning?
Well many years ago i played in another band called SABATAGE while the other guitar player(Nacho)played in a band called SEANCE.We were the top bands in town and somewhat rival bands.
Everytime we would see each other we would talk shit and literally raise our fist at each other.
One day we found ourselves with our hands broken up and decided to join forces which is probably the best decision we could have ever made.When we talked about a bandname we remembered how we would
raise our fist at each other so we thought two fist=BYFIST!That's how our name was born.

*Thanx for your time Davey ,i wish you and the rest of the band all the best.Something you want to say to our readers?
All we can say is that we are very grateful for the support and enthousiasm that metalheads all over the world given us.The success that we have had can be attributed to the fans,webzines,fanzines all over the world that have took the time out to find out what we are doing.Without great people such as your readers,our dreams could never be reached.Send an email to and let them know that
you support BYFIST and 80's METAL!Let them know that we are not alone.
Once again -THANK YOU-and hope to see everyone on tour this year.

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