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This band is awesome live!



By: HssH
of Diahableries.

DIAHABLERIES - BP 323 - 75723 Paris - France

This promotional release rekorded at Silvercloud studios (Burbank,CA) and produced by David Wayne of Metal Church. So, what does Byfist plays ?...don't you know really ?...well,...old skool thrash heavy metal !!! Remember Metal Church of kourse but Savage Grace and Helloween too. Excellent sound quality there. A fist rekording in your face ! I listened this kind of metal 15 years ago (...and more !) and it's still alived. Interesting ! Don't expekt something else than pure thrash heavy metal. No death, black or hard kore and industrial parts. This cd features Davey Lee and Nacho Vara of Seattle's Reverend and many people all over the world are raving about it. And you ? More informations with Byfist and Saba Records.


By Georges from
Not everyday a label promotes a demo but if you take a look at the back side of the demo, you will encounter names such as Davey Lee and Nacho Vara (Reverend) and David Wayne (ex Metal Church) working here as producer. I dont take a too big risk if I claim that Byfist shall officially release a first full length in a couple of months. Back to the musical ground, the four tracks of «Adrenalin» are similar to what Reverend, Agent Steel, Attacker or even Judas Priest and other metal gods were playing some fifteen years ago (unfortunately, were still far from the atmospheres created by Metal Church on songs such as «Beyond The Black», «Merciless Onslaught» or «Nightmare») : an entertaining blend of heavy metal and thrash speed music with grating vocal works (featuring the usual and unbearable high pitched screams). If you get bored by the ultra conventional power metal releases such as the ones recorded by all those Hammerfall, Primal Scream and other Stratovarius, you can get a ride with this new American act.

By Rosmalie Ahmad of API Fanzine
This band is rather new too me although I have heard them mentioned in underground Metal circles. People have told me they are in the same vein as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH, METALLICA and METAL CHURCH. That sounds about right but not totally. They 4 track promo CD sounds very promising, Heavy/ Thrash/ Power Metal the way it is supposed to be done. Complex riffs, decent grunts, heavy breaks and a lot of tempo changes. It often reminds me of METAL CHURCH but of course this level can not be reached by doing one demo, but I have good hopes for them in the future. The demo CD contains four studio tracks (supposed to be a little taster of their upcoming first album) those have a decent sound quality. Four tracks thirteen minutes and a nice full color layout. My first impression of this band is definitely a pleasant one and hopefully we get to hear more of them very soon. If you are into this kind of Heavy/ Thrash or Power Metal and wish to find a new band then order this piece of quality Metal by sending a mail to their labelor by checking their website at . If you check out the promo, every song from the tracks onwards is recommended. Worthy. You won't be dissapointed or regret it!

By Antonis from SKYLIGHT
Byfist, classic heavy metal, from United States. These words says everything. Byfist, plays heavy metal in the vain of 80ies and the play it well. Here we have a four track demo with excellent production , i hope the name David Wayne (Metal Church) says to you a lot of things, because is the man behind the production of this demo. So these four songs have brilliant guitar riffs and also the vocalist,Vick Real, is excellent.If you are into  the heavy metal you should check this band.

Mark : 9,5/10

Source:Uncle Dan's House
of Smut:

With all the mutations metal music has taken over the years, it seems the pure form has been lost in the shuffle. The straightforward style of bands like Judas Priest, Metal Church, or Mercyful Fate seems to have disappeared to the eyes of many true believers. Thankfully, this essential base flavor of the grand metal stew continues to thrive and survive in the underground. This Byfist CD, Adrenalin, proves that pure metal is, in fact, alive and well.

Byfist succeed at the pure metal form in large part because they seem to have tapped into the main secret of doing it right--keeping things simple. This is about as stripped down as it gets. At the same time, all the ingredients you'd want are here--dual guitar palm-muted riffage and screaming metal vocals, in the vein of Halford or King Diamond, with soaring falsetto, all over the place. That this is so well put together isn't surprising considering two of Byfist's members were formerly in Metal Church offshoot Reverend, with this demo actually being produced by Metal Church alumn David Wayne.

This being said,
Byfist holds up the same standard of simplicity without sacrificing quality in the songwriting department. From the opener, "Eternal Damnation," to the closer, "Mary Celeste," it's quality pure metal action all the way. The Metal Church/Reverend vibe is expectedly there, but this material really bears quite a striking resemblance to vintage Judas Priest. This is most evident on "Meltdown" which is similar in feel and structure to Priest's version of "Diamonds and Rust." All told, there's not a stinker in the bunch.

If you wore out your copies of
Blessing In Disguise and The Human Factor long ago, Byfist and their Adrenalin CD will be like a godsend. Even if you're just craving an old school pure metal fix, this disc is for you. Byfist are a pleasant surprise and Adrenalin is well worth checking out.

By: Bosko from The Vault zine


People usually say that good things come in small packages and its never bad time or bad place for good music. Just when I thought that metal in the USA is on the down climb (from its already low positions), a band like Byfist emerges from almost out of nowhere and kicks you in the head.

Byfist, unlike their countrymen Skullview or Twisted Tower Dire, dont deal in linger songs. Never mind their duration; each of the four songs featured on the Adrenalin EP justifies the title of the platter. Its been really a long time since I heard a good US power metal band that has its roots in old Vicious Rumors, Metal Church and Hexx works. I mentioned Metal Church very intentionally because their ex-singer David Wayne produced this CD and the entire effort was engineered by another known person from the metal world Joe Floyd of Warrior. Apart from all this, Davey Lee and Nacho Vara (both guitarists for this Texan band) have joined Waynes latest incarnation of his post-Metal Church band Reverend. I was happy to hear that their dual activities wont jeopardize Byfists existence. Other than these two, there were three more participants in making of Adrenalin: Rey Gone (bass), Jess Vara (drums) and Vikk Real (vocals). Mr. Real really managed to bring back memories of the 80s with his somewhat nasal voice and a powerful scream, but has been replaced with Danny Fonseca and this one a few days ago with Rob Steele. Well see how the new addition to Byfist will work out, and meanwhile make sure you hear this admirable peace of work with all four of its songs: Eternal Damnation, Meltdown, Left To Die and Mary Celeste.


I must admit, the name BYFIST sounded familiar right away when I discovered an interview with them in my Norwegian friend Yngve Jacobsen's THE METAL UNDERGROUND ZINE a while ago. Obviously this Texas outfit has been around for over 15 years now, or at least they started out that long ago, but they were inactive for way too long as well until recently. I'm not familiar with the band's early material (Hour Glass Of Time & You Should Have Know) so it's impossible to judge the progression they've made over the years. All I know is that nowadays BYFIST rules! But first things first : Adrenalin was recorded at Silver Cloud Studios in Burbank, California, engineered by ex WARRIOR guitarist Joe Floyd and produced by none other than REVEREND and ex METAL CHURCH vocalist David Wayne. And as an immediate result, both BYFIST guitarists, Davey Lee & Nacho Vara, are now permanent members of REVEREND as well. That does however not imply that BYFIST is all over, as more releases are planned for the near future. Virginia's Metal Ages Records will release Preserving The Past this coming April. This is said to be a compilation of 10 BYFIST songs, ranging from 1987 up until now. And an all new full-length CD, entitled Fall Of The Nation, is scheduled for a summer release. But for the time being we'll have to kill time with Adrenalin, which I don't mind at all. Honestly, this is one of the best U.S. power metal outfits I've heard in a long while! It's really a pity there are only four songs on here, since they're all totally killer!! Superb power metal the old-fashioned way, with no frills. Totally reminiscent of those godly mid 1980's days. And there's even some N.W.O.B.H.M. influences to be discovered as well, most noticeably on Left To Die and Eternal Damnation, the vocals of which at times remind me of early Kevin Heybourne (ANGEL WITCH). Just about everything in this band is perfect : an excellent vocalist, a solid rhythm section and two excelling guitarists. The songs are well-structured and diverse, with the emphasis on power rather than on speed. And the guitars may sound melodic at times, above all they're razorsharp! I can hardly wait to discover both of BYFIST's upcoming releases!! Adrenalin was available for free, upon simple request, so I suggest you check out their website immediately and contact the band. You won't be disappointed if you're into quality old-school power metal!!!

Rated 100/100 !! this never happened here !

HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!! And thats all there is to say actually about this gang of Heavy Metal geniuses! A CD containing four tracks of true US Metal totally 80s styled and really produced to sound as if recorded in 87! Then again I heard that this material was written in 89 already. Anyway, this baby sounds totally like the glory days of Agent Steel, Have Mercy, Attacker, Liegelord, Metal Church, Overlorde, Lizzy Borden, Toxik and all those other fabulous bands. Forget about cheesy melodies, get ready for screaming guitars, grinding and fast solos and piercing vocals that take you back to the times of John Cyriis, Warrel Dane, Andy Michaud and even Brian Ross. This is how real Heavy Metal is supposed to sound and all those who disagree should just get lost and die in the gutter. Same goes for anyone whose head is not banging when this is being played (yes I had to turn off the CD to be able to write this review). OK so I think that by now the message is clear! Im going back to banging to BYFIST, Masters Of Metal. Oops, almost forgot to mention that David Wayne (Metal Church) produced this baby, that Joe Floyd (Warrior) engineered it and that David Wayne recruited Davey Lee and Notch Vara (both Byfist) to reform the Reverend cult!
By Vincent Eldefors, editor of Tartarean Desire:
"Byfist is an old-school metal band hailing out of
Texas, USA, who have decided to show the Europeans
once more that America is more than Limp Bizkit & Co.
This four track cd contains metal that might as well
have been done in Europe. The first track is pretty
simple and basic heavy metal and while still enjoyable
it is being followed by the Judas Priest sounding
"Meltdown" and then a real masterpiece called "Left To
Die" which is a wonderful pure thrash metal song á la
Anthrax. The final song "Mary Celeste" is also a very
nice one and I must say that this is one of the most
impressive new American bands I have heard in a very
long time. Byfist is also equipped with a talented
singer named Vikk Real which should help in the quest
to reach the top of the real American metal scene. If
you enjoy old classic metal bands like Anthrax, Judas
Priest, Agent Steel and Metal Church be sure to
remember the name Byfist because we will surely hear a
lot more from these guys in the future. Even though
this is more of a demo recording than a real album the
sound quality is very high and the production was
handled by no others than David Wayne (Wayne, ex-Metal
Church) and Joe Floyd (Warrior). Right now the band is
recording their first full-length album which will
hopefully be in the same vein and even better.
Stand-out tracks: "Left To Die", "Mary Celeste"."
(Rated 7.5/10)

REVIEW:  "Adrenalin"

By Dan Century from:

Even if Byfist was the lamest wrinkled sack of poseurs on the planet I would have to give them a good review for their press kit alone. Their logo, an armored fist ramming through the cover of the press kit, reminds me of a thousand metallic doodles I myself crafted on many a middle and high school notebook. The press kit is bound in a blood red transparent colored plastic binder, the kind you would submit your high-school English reports in. Every thing about Byfist, both their press kit and the brutal, punishing metal they forge, reminds me of high school - way back when I could beat you, and deservedly so, with a ball-peen hammer, and not go to jail because I was still under age.

Byfist is the type of raw savage metal that makes me want to drink Jack Daniels, smoke cigarettes, smash TVs and drive like a jackass! Sure I do all that already, but now I have a soundtrack to drink, smoke, smash and drive to. I ask you, how can you go wrong with song titles like Eternal Damnation, Meltdown and Left To Die?!? Every drum beat is like the pounding of a thousand demon's hooves! Each solo is like the screams of Valkyries! Each bass riff rumbles like an awakening volcano, and every brutal guitar riff is like rounds of depleted uranium fired from a M61A1 Vulcan cannon! Vocalist Vikk Real sings like a Viking warrior leading his troops to war - and VICTORY (victory screamed in falsetto)!

I love this kind of music because it makes me feel young again! I feel like I could take on the world! I could mow the lawn in under ten minutes and drink every last bottle of my old man's Shiner Bock (if he drank Shiner Bock).

Pure shredding brutal METAL is alive and well in Texas. If you're in the San Antonio area and you want a raw dose of American steel, go see the band called Byfist!


CD-revieuw by Miggo from :

BYFIST, the band that seem to have been a going concern since the late eighties. During the days of vine and roses I believe they released two EP´s, "You Should Have Known" and "Adrenalin". Today BYFIST consists of guitarists Davey Lee and Notch Vara, bass player Rey Gone, drummer Jess Vara and singer Vikk Real.

This disc contains four tracks, "Eternal Damnation", "Meltdown", "Left to Die" and "Mary Celeste". The songs are aces if you like bands like ANGELWITCH but I gather that MERCYFUL FATE has been an influence too. Album opener "Eternal Damnation" sounds and has an overall feel of MERCYFUL FATE. "Meltdown" is typical American 80-ies heavy metal, "Left to Die" has a thrashy chorus and "Mary Celeste" could well have been featured on ANGELWITCH´S first album! I can't find any real weaknesses on this album but I'm always restrictive about grading anything beneath full-length releases. If you're into American heavy metal/NWOBHM send a mail to or send a mail to Saba Records, P.O. Box 1098, Helotes, Texas, USA. Or simply check out



from "The Metal Observer"
If you are sick to the back teeth of all this Nu-Metal, de-tuned guitar teenage angst bullshit that is being rammed down our throats on TV and radio then you best check out BYFIST. An unusual name, but the music is so unashamedly traditional Heavy Metal that you'll be strapping on the air guitar and banging the head that doesn't bang!
Firmly rooted in the 80's and tinged with a slightly thrashy edge, particularly on "Meltdown", BYFIST rock with rarely equaled Heavy Metal-vigour. BYFIST would get ripped to shreds by the UK Metal-press and that is a real pity. And what have the UK Metal-press ever known anyway? These days you a more likely to get an indie retrospective in a certain Klassic Metal-magazine instead of supporting up and coming talent like BYFIST. Isn't it ironic that the very music that inspired Nu-Metal is actually condemned by the magazines that supported it all those years ago? What will they write about when Nu-Metal disappears? So I say a huge fuck you to those people who dismiss this band and its music. They are not gonna have an easy time of it for sure, but if you are Metal-fan who likes ARMORED SAINT, ANTHRAX, JAG PANZER, METALLICA, The PRIEST and the better Euro Metal-bands, then get a listen to this lot.
Great musicianship and superb vocals with crisp production from non-other that David Wayne of METAL CHURCH-fame. Each song bounds along with a passion and energy and conviction. I don't think BYFIST will win any awards for originality, but what the fuck! Play this load and annoy the neighbours!!!!
"The Metal Observer" supports new and up coming Metal-bands!
From :

Saba Rec. present us this production of this band that plays a Heavy Power Metal in the old vein with a sound likes 80's. Featuring four tracks lasting almost 18 minutes. Recorded at SilverCloud studios in Burbank, California. Produced by David Wayne formally of METAL CHURCH and engineered by Joe Floyd of the infamous WARRIOR.
The music is great, you can find here fresh ideas of this Heavy Metal band in the XXI century, this MCD begins with "Eternal Damnation" with rhythm very heavy metal and the voice is clean and with falsettes that give to the music something special, the riffs very melodic, with a guitar solo well executed with harmonic parts that sound very melodic,ends "Meltdown" begins like be in a street then comes drums and guitar and a scream aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, yes very good, maybe with the same technique that King Diamond but with personal style, the rhythm is some more accelerated that the previous track, seems some Power metal, with good changes, riffs very heavy and the drums does good work, a guitar soloand melodic riffs,some parts remind me Megadeth, "Left to die" with a sound more 80's mainly in the vocal effect the voice doing some falsettes, that's great, melodic guitar solo and a rhythm that maintains you moshing with some part with chorus, and "Mary Celeste" that begins like sounds seems a wooden ship, then a guitar riff and thedrums come to give the rhythm, this song isn't so accelerated a melodic guitar solo very Heavy Metal, and ends with the same sound as begins.
Well, if you want to listen something special in this times and remember the glory of the old Heavy Metal bands but with a band of this time, listen to BYFIST, here you can find those roots sometimes forgotten.
by Cadaver.
From :
No biography arrived with this MCD, and I suspect Saba is the band¹s own label which would make Byfist and unsigned act, but that¹s the minor point. I believe this to be a ten year old recording. If so, that might explain the true eighties metal style of Adrenalin. Qualms and doubts aside, Adrenalin rules! Thrusting pure heavy metal by way of four songs, Byfist raises the fist of the metal child coming across as a cross between Mercyful Fate, old Megadeth and Grim Reaper. It's pure head banging time and occasion to remember what glory resides behind our glorious music heavy metal. The band is looking to record a full length and I already look forward to that recording. Whatever the case, get hold of this and remember it¹s produced by ex-Metal Church singer David Wayne and engineered by Warrior¹s Joe Floyd!
Corrections, Additions, or Suggestions
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Imagine the singer for Agent Steel or Steel Prophet singing on the first two Metal Church albums and you get an idea of what this cd demo sounds like. There are tons of 'big' names listed on the credits. The cd was produced by David Wayne (Metal Church/Reverend), was engineered by Joe Floyd (Warrior) and the vocals are handled by Vikk Real (Fiarro). The band is tight; all four songs contain some speedy licks, fast and furious drumming and hook-laden song writing. Killer high pitched vocal performance by Vikk as well. The recording itself sounds a bit dated, almost like it was recorded in the early 90's. Even the music has that retro-speed metal feel. Is this a bad thing? Certainly not in my book. This demo is excellent! Wonder if a full-length cd will ever be released.

Reviewed by Ron on April 6, 2002. 

A band that might have been put in ice in the mid-80-ties and have only just re-awakened. Byfist play 80-ties metal all the way. This mini-album was originally released in 1989 so this is a re-release. So my first thought about this band was right, they've recently reformed. They have three guitar players but I don't hear stuff that really uses all three guitars to its fullest extent. Anyway, opening track "Eternal damnation" starts with a high-pitched "Demons!" scream, cool! The tone has been set, old school heavy metal with high vocals and occasionally even higher pitched vocals. I really dig "Meltdown" which is quite aggressive (a bit thrashy), has some cool riffing, a fast pace, as well as an excellent solo. The other two songs "Left to die" and "Mary Celeste" are highly pleasurable to listen to. All songs are well-composed, include quite catchy choruses and the music is played by skilled musicians who really enjoy playing this music. Metal fans who don't feel the urge to start banging their (bald?) heads, should have an immediate check-up from the metal doctor. This mini-cd is produced by David Wayne from Metal Church and engineered by Joe Floyd from Warrior, but it could have been heavier, it sounds clear and well-balanced but it doesn't blast your ears off. Unfortunately, I can't really name bands to compare Byfist with. Not because they wrote some extremely original stuff but mainly because my field of expertise does not cover the early 1980-ties. But hey, I was just a young kid back then playing with his He-Man toys! Anyway, people who loved well-played heavy metal will treasure this release. It seems that Byfist will release their debut album somewhere this year. My curiosity has been awakened! Now, where can I find some spandex pants...

BYFIST - Adrenalin promo (2001 - Saba Records)
Well now! What do I have here? Four tracks by a Texas sextet, featuring three guitarists and produced by David Wayne (yes, the one from METAL CHURCH and REVEREND). And what mighty Traditional American Power Metal this is! Everything is very well done. From the songwriting to the individual performances there's absolutely nothing out of place. The songs present plenty of variety, ranging from mid-tempo crunchers to speed demons. All done with class. Speaking of individual performances, I cannot stop myself from mentioning Vikk Real, the vocalist. Damn, this guy is good! His mid-range is convincing, yeah, but when he reaches for the sky, he's simply amazing! Think of Ski from DEADLY BLESSING or Warrell Dane from SANCTUARY and you'll get a picture. As they say in the CD cover: "For best results play at maximum volume". HELL YEAH! BYFIST is certainly a name we'll be hearing more in the future. It HAS to be, or else something's wrong in the Metal community Superb!

-Nuno Filipe Silva (aka Phil Mordred e-mail:


Album: Adrenaline (Saba Records)
Year: 2002
Rating: 9/10

If your into Nu-Metal, read no further. This is four tracks of traditional heavy metal with tight, speed/power metal of the highest quality straight from the 80s.
No down-tuned guitars, rappy vocals or tracks ridden with samples, this is definitely "Un-Cool" for fans of the so-called fans of metal today. Again I urge you to stop reading, there is nothing for you here.
For the rest of us, it is great to hear new purveyors of real metal. Those of you into Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Priest and Jag Panzer, will no doubt be pleased by hearing this by a band who is very technical and talented. The excellent King Diamond style vocals also create something special.
I will be waiting patiently for their next full-length effort!

From: Jose  //  Alonso

Good stuff we got here, 80's thrash power music, the same that you don't hear much about around anymore. Byfist really have a more than good technical skillness as well as professionalism. We must recognize that the work by their vocalist (Vikk Real) is really outstanding, even though we prefer wilder and more agressive performances. Musically, "Adrenalin" presents a big variety of lighting guitar riffs, impassioned solos, double bass portions and complex tunes in general which sound particulary attractive and may draw anyone into the style with no doubt. This promo "Adrenalin" is composed of 4 tracks: "Eternal Damnation"; "Meltdown"; "Left to Die" and "Mary Celeste". As additional info, the disc was produced by David Wayne (Metal Church) and they were also supported by Joe Floyd (Warrior). If you consider yourself as follower or fan of the best of the 80's heavy/thrash metal, then you must take into account this stuff by Byfist for what they do is really good.

From: Heavy Metal Forces

Byfist Adrenaline
2001 Independent
Formed in 1987, Byfist has recently re-emerged onto the metal scene to promote this four-track EP as a sample of their forthcoming full-length debut CD. The band for this recording included three guitarists, but it's not really apparent in the songs; the music is not overly heavy and doesn't seem to take full advantage of the extra set of strings to offer many layered guitar melodies or complex harmonies. Instead, Byfist's sound is similar to the classic 80s metal of bands like Armored Saint or Judas Priest, and all four songs on this EP are excellent the tracks were actually written and recorded in the late 80s, and it sounds like it. "Eternal Damnation" and "Left to Die" are solid metal tunes, even if the former ends rather suddenly with an abrupt fadeout and the latter suffers slightly with a very repetitive drum line. The real highlights are "Meltdown" with its quick riff and a chorus that comes out of nowhere, and final track "Mary Celeste," which shows a slightly more sophisticated sense of structure. All in all, this is a good old school metal, with clean production by David Wayne of Metal Church and engineering by Joe Floyd of Warrior. In March 2002, Byfist guitarists Davey Lee and Notch Vara officially joined David Wayne's band Reverend, but Byfist says it will continue with its recording and touring plans.

Not all young metal fans know that the history of Reverend, Heretic and Metal Church are intertwined in a holy trinity of power/thrash metal, also without forgetting Kurt Vanderhoof's courageous Hall Aflame, which proposed a sorta HM/southern album back in '91. In an odd twist of fate after Heretic's dissolution, which saw singer Mike Howe leave to Join Metal Church, the band evolved into Reverend and recruited ex-Metal Church vocalist David Wayne. And there is a lot more...
However, during 2000 Wayne and the infamous Warrior's guitarist Joe Floyd produced this EP we're reviewing, and in 2002 6-stringers Davey Lee and Notch Vara from Byfist joined Reverend replacing axeman Chris Nelson. Bassist John Stahlman's position would be taken by Pete Perez, a veteran of Carrion, Spastik Ink and hard rock legends Riot.
And there's no joking with'em! As a matter of fact we meet a few sounds and riffs alà "Kill'em All" in each of the 4 songs, which is already something that launched me into the air from my faithful cushion, joyful and adrenalinic like when you can enjoy a horny cute teenager's ervices again after years of cheesy older girls. Moreover Vikk Real reaches very high vocal peaks, in the vein of "Painkiller"'s Judas Priest, Winters Bane or really early Anthrax (USA), effective refrains, and substantial guitar riffs, with no trace of gayness or boredom.
The opener "Eternal Damnation" is given to you straight from the shoulder, and the only fault resides in the final fading out, leaving a sense of incomplete arrangement, while "Meltdown" is pure heavy endowed with excellent piercing vox interventions, and a coupla good accelerations; definitely the most involving song, most of all live. The other 2 songs are at the same 'stellar' levels, also influenced by Iron Maiden and Saxon.
Rather quick and powerful, Byfist play 80's-like power/thrash in an interesting, professional and trUUUe way, so my only piece of advice is for you to do all your utmost to get a copy of this rare mini-CD, or at least listen to them someway.
{note from Wolly : noticed the downloads-section on this site?}
From: Russ Sauer or Jen
Unbelievable! I never expect to hear a band like this
anymore , not a new band anyway. This is some top rate
metal, Russ says :" better than average 80s metal" and
I agree. One band that keeps coming to mind is AGENT
STEEL the vocals are really that good and so it the
music even though this is a demo CD it sure doesnt
sound like it. The production is prefect. Metal fans
are sure to contact this band.

17 Minutes
Saba Records
By Bernhard Tischler
If you like late eighties US/Texas Metal with screaming vocals and intense guitar power, then this promo CD is just right. Originally recorded in 1989, and produced by formal METAL CHURCH singer Dave Wayne, this four-track-CD offers great melodic, but well heavy Metal in the vein of METAL CHURCH or early MANOWAR. Especially the last song, 'Mary Celeste' is a true killer.
The singer somehow reminds me of Kevin Heybourne (ANGEL WITCH) when he sings in a normal voice, and of Geoff Tate (QUEENSRYCHE) when he uses his piercing screams. There's another fact worth mentioning about BYFIST: they have three guitarists, which one can't actually hear on this release, but which must make them quite a mighty force live.
I came across this band because they sent out free CDs, so if US Metal is your kind of thing, send a mail to for a free BYFIST CD. If you're lucky you can soon enjoy a great piece of MetaaaaaAAAAAAAAAL. Meanwhile, I'll spend my time hoping for a brand-new BYFIST release.
Rating5.5 / 6 Bernhard Tischler

. read all of this?...
you must be a fan!!